..."The book was great! It had a blend of different styles which made it interesting and kept it lively. There was never a dull moment as I always wanted to find out where Capallano's wit and humor led him. ....."The biggest thing I got out of reading it was a lot more certainty on what it's like to be a cop and it certainly changed my opinion on what they do. Honestly, I felt a great sense of pride and respect for the men in blue and Cappallano is what every young boy and man dreams a cop should be: Bold, witty, intellgent and dauntless." -MF



.....Gritty true-life stories of heroism and humor in the NYPD, from being dragged in the window of a fleeing suspect's car, to snow-sledding on riot shields, to the dangers following a "manly breakfast" in a patrol car with the windows up...

.....Veteran NYPD officer, actor and entrepeneur Marc Cosentino tells it like it is from the cop's point of view--that's what the cops say, anyway. So climb in to the Patrol Car and head on out. Just remember to dodge the falling refrigerators...

....."When a police officer assigned to 'Patrol' puts on his uniform in preparation to go on duty, he must put on a kevlar vest under his shirt, strap on his duty belt with his firearm, extra magazines, Mace, flashlight, and handcuffs. After he stands roll-call, he enters the radio car in which he will spend his next tour of duty. He will be engaged in what is called 'Routine Patrol'. This term is in reality an oxymoron. For police officers who work in uniform on patrol, there is no such thing as 'routine' patrol. As such officers gain in experience, they come to realize this fact. The most dangerous assignments by 'patrol' officers oftentimes are car stops, domestic disputes, and what are initially termed 'disorderly person' radio runs or 'disputes'. Patrol cops are the true 'first responders'. They do the most difficult of police functions. The walls of remembrance for officers slain in the line of duty are filled with the rank of 'Patrolman' or 'police officer'. They are the 'thin blue line'. The Author of Routine Patrol The Forgotten Borough worked in patrol precincts and lived and experienced what all such patrol officers learn as they work the streets of New York City. His book is a good read for those seeking to understand and appreciate their police officers." - NY COP ONLINE MAGAZINE


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